How to solve estate disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2023 | Estate And Trust Litigation

Dealing with disputes after losing a loved one can be stressful. Different factors contribute to estate disputes, and some can be so serious that family members may suffer a significant impact on their relationship. Nonetheless, you can solve estate disputes.

Here is how you can do this:

Get more information

If you are in an estate dispute, whether you initiated or are defending it, you need to get more information. If you are contesting a will or have doubts about a trust administration, learn more about the aspects in question. 

For instance, if last-minute changes were made to a will, find out when it happened, who was present and the testator’s capacity at the time. This can help you gather adequate evidence to protect your loved one’s true wishes.

If you are defending a dispute, perhaps you are the executor or trustee, you should understand the other party’s claim. Know where they are coming from and gather needed information to respond. Inadequate information can prolong a dispute.

Be prepared

Estate litigation can be complicated. For this reason, you should be prepared for anything. This is when you may truly see the sibling rivalry and envy in your family. While this can be disappointing and sad, you should stay calm and fight for your claims.

Consider mediation

When both parties are well-informed of the underlying issue, they can suggest solutions in the presence of a mediator. The trained, neutral third party can help you reach a mutual agreement outside court. For instance, if the will didn’t specify who takes a particular asset, instead of fighting, you can liquidate it and split the proceeds.

If you are facing an estate dispute, you could get legal help to protect your interest and family relationships.