Pre-planning your own memorial

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Estate And Trust Administration

Memorials following the death of a loved one should reflect the life they lived. For many family members, these types of tributes are subject to interpretation, particularly for those who moved far away and rarely saw the deceased family member.

While some may see it as vanity, pre-planning a memorial with strict attention to detail helps to control the narrative of a life lived and tell the story you want to tell. Equally as beneficial, it represents one less task that your loved ones will need to take on.

Financial and personal peace of mind

First and foremost, memorials planned post-loss of a loved one could cost money for friends and family left behind. From food for friends and family to burial and other expenses, taking on the financial burden can provide peace of mind. In any type of economy, costs increase year after year. Researching funeral costs and burials/cremations can give insight into the charges. In the end, having financial support in place is perhaps the best gift one can leave behind.

For those who practice their religion, the selection of who conducts funeral mandates pre-planning to avoid confusion following a tragic loss. A favorite pastor, priest, reverend, rabbi, funeral director, or a close family member or friend that is pre-selected can ensure that your wishes are honored.

Few things are more personal than a memorial. Celebrating the life lived, values and the life built over many years should be honored. Taking proactive steps to plan can help focus on what is most important in life. Think of it as a gift that makes life easier during a tragic time.